The Franklin County Historical Society
We are a 501(c3) organization operated five days a week
by volunteers.
Hours 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Wednesday & Sunday

(540) 483-1890


If you are traveling, we
recommend calling to be
sure we can meet you!


Historical Society Projects

We need Volunteers
If you have skills or time that these projects would benefit from, we would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give.

Projects underway or ongoing

  • Historical Society ProjectsPreservation work at the old Robert Hill fort/blockhouse continues with the help of John Kirtley, master rock mason, and the local Woodmen of the World Camp – as well as volunteers with various talents. The blockhouse, on the Christian Heritage Academy property, is a historic site dating from the 1740s. Periodic events are held here to celebrate the freedoms won in the Revolutionary War.
  • Complete update of our cemetery book for publication: "Franklin County Cemeteries Volume 3" - to include full-name index, updated directions and more. "Lost cemeteries" and others not included in previous versions. Publication date as soon as possible. We are getting closer. ( Previous pre-orders will be honored.) For new orders, actual price will be available just prior to publication.
  • Compile and publish a second book on railroading in Franklin County, listing all the railroad companies that operated in the county and publishing photographs of the old train depots.
  • Complete research and publish a booklet on the local aspect of the life of Confederate General Jubal Anderson Early. Our working title is "Jubal at Home."
  • Seek marking of historic sites by Virginia Department of Transportation.
  • Seek state and national historic site designation for worthy properties.
  • Publish a book on the Coca-Cola bottling industry as related to Rocky Mount.
  • Publish Vol. 4 of Franklin County Killin' which will include newspaper clippings, 'detective magazine' accounts & more about local murders from  days past. Volume 3 is out!
  • Publish Ghosts We Know dealing with accounts of local encounters of the interesting kind.